A few words on Amigurumi

What is amigurumi and where it came from?

The Internet is full of stunning crochet ideas where one can find an infinite number of creations. Cosy blankets, shawls, and hats seem to be the most popular makes. However, you can also find beautifully made crochet toys called amigurumi. If the word sounds a bit exotic, the reason behind it is that the term originated in Japan. In other words, amigurumi is a Japanese word describing the art of crocheting or knitting small stuffed yarn creatures.

The toys may vary in size and the way they look as there are no restrictions regarding their appearance. The only limit appears to be one’s own imagination and creativity. Although amigurumi originated in Japan, the craft is getting more and more popular all over the globe. There are several reasons why people find this form of art appealing. Some amigurumi enthusiasts keep them for aesthetic reasons, while others use them as toys for the little ones.

The toys are usually stuffed with standard polyester, wool or cotton, but you can also improvise by using any other type of craft supplies. At first, amigurumi may appear to be incredibly hard to make, yet truth be told, it’s a lot simpler than it looks. If you are a complete beginner, the best idea is to start with something simple, but if you are adventurous, you can go for any pattern you find interesting.

A brief history of amigurumi.

The history of amigurumi is rather vague, and there is not much evidence of their existence in the past. Some people claim that this technique was brought from China as the first crocheted dolls date back to ancient times, whereas in Japan, it is a rather recent trend. In fact, the toys became popular not so long ago. The emergence of Japanese “kawaii” culture in the 70s started the fascination with all that was cute. Soon afterwards, super sweet amigurumi toys became a fast-growing trend.

What are the most popular amigurumi themes?

You can basically crochet or knit anything you desire. It could be a lovely butterfly or a scary dragon. However, the most popular ones seem to be the tiny “kawaii” creatures.

Where to get your inspiration from?

The possibilities are endless, and everybody can find something for themselves. There are a lot of patterns available online, both free and paid, which are very interesting and easy to follow. However, if you don’t want to use any of them and prefer to create amigurumi on your own, you can get your inspiration from:

  • anime
  • cartoons
  • films
  • fairy tales
  • real-life creatures or people
  • your imagination

So if the idea of making cute crochet toys sounds fun to you, why not go ahead and try it. However, I must warn you, it is a pretty addictive hobby.

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