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Wild Berry Flower Mandala

If you are obsessed with mandalas just as I am, you will find this one so much fun. The pattern can be found here.

This colorful mandala reminds me of Wild Berry Flowers that I used to have in my garden. The pattern was tested on two sizes of yarn, chunky Stone Washed XL and the regular one. 


Wild Berry Flower Mandala can be made in 2 sizes. One starting with 10 dc and the second one starting with 12. The difference will be the number of petals. In this particular tutorial, I will make the second one. If you would like to crochet the first version, I will give the correct number of stitches at the end of this tutorial.

Pattern: by Tally’s Crafts

Recommended yarn: Scheepjes Stone Washed XL/Regular Stone Washed
Recommended hook size:5mm/3.5mm

Abbreviations (US terms)
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
tr – treble crochet
fpsc – front post single crochet
fphdc – front post half double crochet
fpdc – front post double crochet
fptr – front post treble
ch – chain
st(s) – stitch(es)
sk- skip
st – stitch
sl st – slip stitch
pop – popcorn stitch (5 dc in same st and close with a ch)
sp – space
R – round
pic – picot

Round 1

start with a magic circle, ch4 (counts as dc and ch1sp), dc, ch1…repeat till you have 12dc and 12ch1 sp, join with a sl st

[12dc, 12ch1 sp] 

Berry round 1png

Round 2

fptr around any dc, ch1, (2dc in the next ch1 sp), ch1…repeat, join with a sl st

[12fptr, 24dc, 24ch1 sp] 

Berry round 2png

Round 3

fpdc around any fptr from the previous round, hdc in the next ch1 sp, ch2, hdc in the next ch1 sp…repeat, join with a sl st

[12fpdc, 24hdc, 12ch2 sp] 

Berry round 3bpng
Berry round 3apng

Round 4

fpsc around any fpdc, (5hdc in ch2 sp), fpsc around fpdc…repeat, join with a sl st
[12fpsc, 12 petals]

Berry round 4png

Round 5

in this round, you will be working on stitches from Round 3. It might be much easier if you work on the wrong side of your mandala. In that case, remember that all bp stitches will be fp stitches 

start by making bptr around hdc on the right side of fpdc from R3, ch4, skip the next fpdc from R3, bptr around the next hdc rom R3, bptr around the next hdc from R3, skip the next fpdc from R3…repeat, join with a sl st

[24bptr, 12ch4 sp] 

Berry round 5apng
Berry round 5bpng

Round 6

sc in the 3rd hdc from R4 (your sc should join the petal with the space between the 2 trebles from R5, (4dc, ch1, 4dc in the ch4 sp), sc in the 3rd hdc from R4…repeat, join with a sl st

[12sc, 12petals, 12ch1 sp] 

Berry round 6apng
Berry round 6bpng
Berry round 6cpng

Round 7

bpdc around the 2nd dc of the petal from the previous round, ch1, sk 1 dc, bphdc round the next dc, ch1, bphdc around the next dc, ch1, skip 1dc, bpdc around the next dc, ch3, (skip next dc, sc, dc), bpdc in the next dc…repeat, join with a sl st

[24bpdc, 24bphdc, 12ch3 sp, 36ch1 sp] 

Berry round 7apng
Berry round 7bpng

Round 8

start from the ch1 space after the ch3 sp from the previous round

standing sc in ch1 sp, ch1, sc in the next ch1 sp, ch1, sc in the next ch1 sp, ch1, (4sc in the next ch3 sp), ch1, sc in the next ch1 sp, ch1…repeat, join with a sl st

[84sc, 48ch1 sp] 

Berry round 8apng
Berry round 8bpng

 Round 9

standing sc in the 3rd sc made in the ch3 sp from the previous round (counting from right to left), (5tr, ch1, 5tr in the 2nd ch1 sp counting from the right), sc in the 2nd sc from ch3 sp, sc in the 3rd sc from ch3 sp…repeat, join with a sl st

[24sc, 12 petals, 12ch1sp] 

Berry round 9png

Round 10

bphdc around any stitch from the previous round, bphdc around all the other stitches, join with a sl st


Berry round 10png

Round 11

start from any hdc made above sc from R9

tr in the hdc above the 2nd sc from R9, dc in the next 2 st, hdc in the next 2 st, sc in the next 2 st, hdc in the next 2 st, dc in the next 2 st, tr in the next 2 st (should be the hdc st above 2 sc from R9)…repeat (you end this round by making the last treble), join with a sl st

[24tr, 48dc, 48hdc, 24sc] 

Berry round 11apng
Berry round 11bpng

Round 12

start with the 1st tr counting from right to left 

fpdc around tr from the previous round, fpdc around the next tr, hdc in the next st (not the one immediately after tr but the next one), ch1, sk the next st, hdc, ch1, sk, hdc, ch1, sk the next st, hdc, ch1, sk the next st, hdc, fpdc around the next 2 tr…repeat, join with a sl st

[24fpdc, 60hdc, 48ch1 sp] 

Berry round 12png

Round 13

standing sc in the very 1st st on the left side of the 2 fpdc, skip the next ch1 sp, (5dc in the next ch1 sp), (1dc, picot, 1dc in the same next dc), (5dc in the next ch1 sp), sc before fpdc, fphdc in the next 2 fpdc, 1 sc in the st after fpdc…repeat, join with a sl st

[24fphdc, 24sc, 12 petals] 

Berry round 13apng
Berry round 13bpng

I hope you have lots of fun doing it!


Number of stitches for the 10dc version

R1[10dc, 10ch1 sp]
R2[10fptr, 20dc, 20ch1 sp]
R3[10fpdc, 20hdc, 10ch2 sp]
R4[10fpsc, 10 petals]
R5[20bptr, 10ch4 sp]
R6[10sc, 10petals, 10ch1 sp]
R7[20bpdc, 20bphdc, 10ch3 sp, 30ch1 sp]
R8[70sc, 40ch1 sp]
R9[20sc, 10 petals, 10ch1 sp]
R11[20tr, 40dc, 40hdc, 20sc]
R12[20fpdc, 50hdc, 40ch1 sp]
R13[20fphdc, 20sc, 10 petals]

This is a free pattern designed by Tally’s Crafts. You may use the photos as long as you credit me and link to my website or Instagram @tallyscrafts. You are not allowed to post the pattern and the photos as your own.

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